Most people think of nursing homes as homes for the elderly. But according to a recent report by Statistics Canada, the number of males and females between the ages of 18 and 64 admitted to long term care has increased each year over the past decade. Specialized programs that provide long term care for young adults with disabilities (YADs) are relatively new. As residential care needs for YADs increase, care providers require knowledge of best practice to ensure the delivery of quality care.


According to the National MS Society, long term care staff are often ill prepared to meet the psychosocial needs of the younger person and lack support and ongoing training in meeting the psychological, social, nursing, and medication-management needs of this population. Compounding this challenge for caregivers of young adults is developing a plan of care and in getting the resident's involvement in its development – which is often something they do not want to do. Separate activity programs are often needed for the young adults. They often ask for entertainment and activities in which elderly patients are not interested, and they want it on a regular basis.


Young adults with disabilities often choose not to stay in their homes even though in-home care can be substantially less expensive than nursing home facilities. Even as funds for home-based care have increased in many provinces, the need for assistance is rising faster, experts say. According to David Caesar, Vice President of Operations at Always Best Care Senior Services, in-home care can be about a third the cost of providing care in a nursing home or institution, depending on the number of hours required to assist the client.


The need to examine all options and make informed decisions regarding the type and level of care is essential for young adults with disabilities. Your Always Best Care representative can help guide you through the maze of options and choices, and help you reach the right decision for the right care.

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