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About the Client Directed Home Care Invoicing program (CDHCI)

Always Best Care is proud to be a provider for the Client Directed Home Care Invoicing (CDHCI) program. This program, provided by Alberta Health Services (AHS), offers clients funding to help pay for home care services. New and Current AHS home care clients, through the CDHCI program, can choose an eligible home care provider agency to deliver services based on pre-approved hours assessed by an AHS Case Manager. Through this program Always Best Care will direct bill Alberta Blue Cross on your behalf.

To be eligible clients must:

  • Be approved for home care through AHS assessment
  • Require a predictable level of support
  • Be willing to pay the difference between the funded hourly rate from AHS and the hourly rate from the home care provider
  • Ensure no conflict of interest with any other AHS service agreement

To get started:

  • Contact AHS to develop a care plan that outlines the hours of care you are approved for
  • Sign the documents
  • Choose a Care provider from the list provided by Alberta Blue Cross
  • Have a backup plan should your care provider be unavailable
  • Pay for services not covered by CDHCI

Understanding In-home care options can be stressful, call us today and we will help you navigate funding through AHS

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