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Introducing Our Dementia Training Program

About Dementia Care

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a complex and emotionally taxing journey. At Always Best Care of Oakville, we understand the unique challenges that come with dementia care. That’s why we’ve invested in a robust, three-tiered training programme to equip our caregivers with the specialized skills they need.

Dementia Live

Our first module, known as Dementia Live, offers an immersive experience that simulates the sensory changes associated with dementia. Using specialized gear, our staff gains a first-hand understanding of the anxiety, isolation, and confusion that many individuals with dementia experience. This empathetic approach allows us to provide more compassionate and effective care.

Dementia Live Testimonials

“Very thoughtful presentation.  Makes one think about things in a different way.  Enjoyed the tasks!” – Donna

“As a memory care staff, I truly appreciated being able to step into the shoes of the residents I care for.  I gained a new understanding of what the day-to-day is for them.” Leah

“The experiment was very eye-opening. It helped give me a perspective to how challenging everyday tasks can be.” Marlene

Dementia Foundations Programme

The second tier of our training involves the Dementia Foundations Programme offered by McMaster University Health Sciences. This self-paced online course consists of four modules and is proven to significantly enhance our caregivers’ understanding of dementia.

Dementia Care Certification

Finally, our third module offers an online Dementia Care Certification, recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association. In partnership with Care Academy, we provide access to over 100 hours of Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care.

We are confident that our dementia training programme is among the best in the industry, setting a high standard for dementia care in Canada. It ensures that our caregivers are not just well-trained, but also well-prepared to provide the highest level of care for your loved ones experiencing dementia. Trust Always Best Care of Oakville for specialized, compassionate dementia care.

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