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Why Choose Short Term Senior Care For Loved Ones In Milton

Are you considering short-term senior care for your loved ones in Milton? Making decisions about the care of aging family members can be challenging, but short-term senior care offers numerous benefits that can provide peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Benefits Of Short Term Care

Care To Fit Your Needs: Always Best Care Oakville offers short term care for seniors in Milton by offering care that works with your schedule.  Whether your loved one needs temporary care after a hospital visit or respite care to give the primary caregiver relief, our short term care can be customized to meet your needs.

Skilled Care & Monitoring: At Always Best Care Oakville, we provide expert care and constant monitoring to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one. Our team includes skilled nurses and compassionate caregivers who provide medication management, assist with daily activities, and offer specialized care services for individuals living with Dementia & Parkinson’s.

Loneliness Prevention: Loneliness and social isolation can lead to depression, anxiety and cognitive decline in seniors.  By providing seniors with compassionate care and companionship we can help the mental well-being of loved ones in Milton.  Per the CDC there is strong evidence that many adults aged 50 and older that are socially isolated and lonely are putting their own health at risk.

Health Risks of Loneliness

  • Social isolation poses a significant risk of premature death from all causes, potentially matching the risks linked with smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.
  • Being socially isolated correlates with a roughly 50% higher likelihood of developing dementia.
  • Inadequate social relationships, characterized by either loneliness or social isolation, are linked with a 29% higher risk of heart disease and a 32% higher risk of stroke.
  • Loneliness is connected to elevated rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.
  • Among heart failure patients, loneliness is associated with a nearly fourfold increased risk of death, a 68% higher risk of hospitalization, and a 57% higher risk of emergency department visits.

Your Partners In Short Term Senior Care

Partnering with Always Best Care in Oakville ensures the seniors in Milton and their caregivers are provided peace of mind.  Our short term care services can be tailored to your specific needs whether it be for respite care for the caregivers, companionship or Dementia & Alzheimer’s care.  Contact us today to start the conversation on how our team at Always Best Care can assist you.

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