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About Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive condition, which means there will be a progression of care needs as the disease advances. PD impacts a person’s movement, balance and posture. The disease often results in shaking, fatigue and rigidity. It can affect swallowing and the ability to sleep. There is no cure for Parkinson’s but medications and therapy can help.

Our services often begin when a family care partner realizes the need for self-care. Caring for a loved one with PD becomes more demanding over time. Our Respite Services allow a care partner to enjoy some personal time, whether that is a few hours to do some shopping or a night out with friends. Self-care is important.

The first step is to arrange a consultation with our Care Planner. We meet with the family to obtain a full understanding of the care plan. We also want to learn about the person with PD – items like their personal history, hobbies and activities which they enjoy. When we understand the care needs and the individual, we can make the best possible match with one of our staff members.

All our staff who work with PD clients receive incremental training. The training provides an overview of PD, emphasizing the importance of watching for a worsening of the disease. We teach strategies to keep the client safe while ensuring dignity and quality of life.

We understand the issues experienced by a family when dealing with Parkinson’s. We work hard to meet your needs and bring peace of mind along the difficult journey.

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